The Measure of Man

Take a walk through infinite space,
And make the measure of a man.
Without permission given a face,
Awaking in some random place.
Is there any kind of plan?

For there’s a life to live in haste,
Climbing up a burning rope;
Time you can’t afford to waste,
Forgetting those things you long to taste.
Decide to live and love with hope.

Take a walk with random friends
Up mountains topped with ice and snow,
Through golden woods and a path that bends;
Speak softly of what begins and ends.
Take heed the things you wish to know.

For there’s no reason to be afraid
Of truths in time both ancient and vast.
The world was not for all of us made,
And I glanced at you and finally said:
Make your plans and make them last.

© Phil Corbluth


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